Construction Site Portable AC Rentals

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Construction sites are one of the most common places where companies need temporary cooling and heating solutions. We offer simple ways to get your heating and cooling needs met for any construction site in any season.

Rescue Cooling Rentals is the place to find temporary heating and cooling solutions for construction sites large and small.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction Solutions

There are a lot of factors to consider to get the right heating and cooling solutions for your construction site. Different types of sites require different temporary HVAC solutions depending on several factors.

  • Size of your construction site: large sites will need much larger systems to maintain a comfortable temperature. Industrial warehouses, for example, may require multiple heating or cooling units versus a residential construction site that just needs a single unit.
  • Length of time: some construction projects only need a short-term solution for heating and cooling during specific parts of the project, while others need solutions
  • Goals for heating and cooling: some construction sites only need temporary heating and cooling so the temperature range is in the right place for materials to cool or dry, while others need solutions that will keep the temperature comfortable and safe for employees to work on site.
  • Materials: the materials that your structure is made of can make a difference in how much cooling power or heating capacity you need—an all-glass building exterior versus a concrete warehouse basement will have vastly different summertime temperatures, for example, and will require different cooling systems.
  • Power source: to run temporary HVAC units from Rescue Cooling Rentals you will need an on-site power source. All of our systems run using standard 110-volt outlets so make sure your site is equipped for it and has outlets available in the right places.

There may be other considerations for your specific site, so contact our team to discuss your needs in more detail and learn about all the options that we have for various sites.

Scalable Temporary Heating and Cooling for Construction Sites

All the options available from Rescue Cooling Rentals are designed to be scalable to meet your needs. We offer individual units that can provide heat or AC for spaces as small as 400 square feet, or multiple units that can be combined to offer climate control to much larger spaces.

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